Comic Book: Signs and Voices

Cover Art for Signs and Voices

“It’s been a long and complex process we are revelling in the release of our first self-publishing project which within 24 hours of release was #1 the Amazon UK Kindle Store for Fantasy Comics!” – Bleeding Cool

“The heroes have been given a job, to save a baby and a kingdom from a dangerous government. The 4 deaf heroes have superpowers. One can move mountains, one can create chemicals, one can smell her enemies from miles away and one can see the future..”. – National Deaf Children’s Society.

Sign Langauge Design and Illustration

“An action-packed comic with underlying social themes designed to promote positive self-image in those who have hearing impairments. Above all, intended as a good, accessible read”. – Vital

“The story has a central theme that almost anyone can relate to – how marginalised communities fight oppression for their basic human rights”. – Limping Chicken 

“It’s also good to see more diverse voices involved in comic production.So check out Signs and Voices, see what you think – it is new comic day…”. – Mathew Hyde 

“Signs and Voices” is a British comic book created by Deaf individuals. The 4 superheroes in the comic are all Deaf, and use British Sign Language to communicate”. – Huffington Post