Comic Book: Signs and Voices

A displaced deaf community has been given exile in the depths of the Blue Forest that surrounds the Kingdom of Azuria, no one has dared to enter it for years because of the magical but dangerous creatures that protect it.  A young captive prince and warrior princess, also deaf, will one day return and overthrow the regime with the help of these magical creatures, a deaf army and their own special abilities”.

Sign Langauge Design and Panels


“It’s been a long and complex process we are revelling in the release of our first self-publishing project which within 24 hours of release was #1 the Amazon UK Kindle Store for Fantasy Comics!” – Bleeding Cool

“The heroes have been given a job, to save a baby and a kingdom from a dangerous government. The 4 deaf heroes have superpowers. One can move mountains, one can create chemicals, one can smell her enemies from miles away and one can see the future..”.National Deaf Children’s Society

“An action-packed comic with underlying social themes designed to promote positive self-image in those who have hearing impairments. Above all, intended as a good, accessible read”. – Vital

Cover Art

“The story has a central theme that almost anyone can relate to – how marginalised communities fight oppression for their basic human rights”. – Limping Chicken

“It’s also good to see more diverse voices involved in a comic production.So check out Signs and Voices, see what you think – it is new comic day…”. – Mathew Hyde

“Signs and Voices” is a British comic book created by Deaf individuals. The 4 superheroes in the comic are all Deaf, and use British Sign Language to communicate”. – Huffington Post