Blade Runner


Blade Runner: Shooting “Tears in Rain”

As Blade Runner 2049 is released and before watching the next instalment I wanted to revisit this scene once again, which counts amongst one of the most iconic moment’s in cinematic history and that still stands the test of time. In a recent interview, Rutger Hauer discussed how the scene “Tears in Rain” came together to conclude the film and his character Roy’s journey. The collaborative environment that Ridley Scott created enabled performer’s to bring more input to the character’s and in this case the dialogue. Rutger was looking for what Roy felt and his experience of the world where he was being hunted for being an android, a place that eventually leaves him isolated and alone by the end of the movie. “Spirit, heart and soul” for the androids final moment’s was what he wanted,  Ridley agreed to take on whatever “you can add complexity, wickedness” as long he liked it, Rutger…