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Late Night Magic

Mindy Kaling and Dame Emma Thompson dish up pure comic gold while re-imagining the male-dominated world of the chat show.  “Late Night”  is warm, witty and funny and on no account do you need to be a champion for diversity or equality in the workplace to appreciate the film. Emma Thompson as Katherine Newbury is an acerbic, detached talk-show host who is facing declining rating’s, she is out of touch with the real world and is shortly will to be replaced. Katherine has her all-male team of writers with whom she has little patience or even knowledge of their names, quickly assigning them numbers 1-10 instead, she enters her writer’s room realising that she is need of fresh talent, a woman if possible. In come’s Molly Patel, played by Mindy Kaling, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed determined to make an impact and leave her mind-numbing factory job somewhere outside of Manhattan behind her. Emma and Mindy have great…