This Way Up

Aisling Bea’s “This Way Up” offers a fresh look at the issues of mental health, love and loneliness in London and how it impacts the lives of two sisters trying to piece a normal life together. Bea plays Aine, who, after suffering a nervous breakdown and is trying to get her life back on track. She has a  great job teaching English to foreign students, which she loves, here she’s animated and engaging with her students, often going beyond her call of duty.  She’s committed and threatens to “Brexit the @£$% out of them” if they dont so their homework. The dialogue and references to current day issues provide further depth to the backdrop of this story. Shona, her sister is the other meaningful and important relationship in her life, both sisters have a close and loving bond. Shona obsesses over Aine’s safety and mental welfare throughout the series, but…