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The Social Horror Genre – Get Out

“Get Out” is a paranoid thriller that like the best conspiracy thrillers,  disturbs the audience with its expert use of unsettling images and situations throughout that fill you with horror. The film starts out like a classic comedy-drama, in the vain of Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, in which a young African-American man meets his Caucasian girlfriend’s parents for the first time. But the boyfriend, Chris, notices something strange about all the black people he encounters in the idyllic community and learns of the more sinister designs the family have in mind for him. Financed by Blumhouse, it was exactly the kind of off-beat, a zeitgeist-hitting film that could be spun into a horror hit—provided it could be made cheaply. The company keeps budgets low by offering deferred payments, hence taking bigger creative gambles with stories that may never get made as Jorden Peel identifies himself. “You want to hear a cool story? The…