film review


The Farewell

“The Farewell” is a rich family drama that provides a poignant observation of  Chinese life when  Billie,  played by the brilliant Awkwafina, returns from New York to spend time with her dying grandmother. Nai Nai has been diagnosed with cancer everyone knows of her impending death, however, the family have decided to keep the news from her.  Although this is done in the best spirit possible to protect her the ethics behind the decision really trouble Billie who is struggling with her grandmother not knowing the truth. A family wedding is planned, at which Billi’s cousin, who grew up mostly in Japan, will marry his girlfriend. The gathering also gives extended family members the opportunity to pay their respects to the dying matriarch, although no one is to shed a tear or mention her illness. This leads to comical and at times very moving moments where the charade could be exposed whilst…

Designing De Niro

De Niro’s use of biblical text for inspiration to create Max Cady for Scorsese’s 1991 classic “Cape Fear”, provides not only the iconic film imagery we are now familiar with but also an insight into his character’s state of mind, class and ambitions. Already well documented is the length to which some actors go in order to inhabit and become character’s in film and theatre from gaining and losing weight, time spent studying their character and their worlds and so on. In Cape Fear, we already know of De Niro getting a dentist to grind down his teeth for the film, however, here’s more detail from his diaries that shed further light into the creation of Max Cady the anti-hero who mesmerises us all in the film. The research materials from the De Niro’s diaries reveal how he used the bible as a reference source, in particular,  biblical influence on…