the greatest showman


The Greatest Showman and his Misfits

The Greatest Showman as presented by Hugh Jackman is the perfect antidote to January. Based on the life of P.T Barnum and his traveling circus, fizzling with colour, musical numbers that really only Hugh Jackman can deliver in his razzmatazz style and passion. We meet Barnum, orphaned at a young age rise above his adverse poverty to marry his childhood sweetheart and establish his circus company become very wealthy and rise up in society well to an extent. Despite his success, he isn’t fully accepted into the higher echelons of New York society and so his inner shortcoming is the desire to be seen as respectable and not just a well-oiled machine exploiting the “Freaks” that he has gathered and puts on display. Although of course, the Hollywood twist on this circus is opportunity and equality for all, unlikely to be the case in real life, but nevertheless a worthy…